Backyard Bird Watching
Feathered Feeders

Why do we like watching the birds?  Who knows!  There is something wonderful about seeing such a variety of birds showing up day after day, summer and winter.

All of the photographs in this section were taken in our yard (except the Ducks).  We have quite a variety of birds that come to visit.  Some stay all year (Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Gold Finches, and many more).

We started with a single feeder in the back yard, buying a seed mixture at our local Agway store.  That got the Chipmunks digging holes in the yard and we couldn't reach the feeder in the winter (snow was too deep), so we moved the feeder outside the kitchen along the edge of our driveway.  Soon we graduated to a Suet feeder for the Woodpeckers, Black Oil Sunflower seeds for most birds, Thistle for the Finches, and whatever falls on the ground for the squirrels.  Check out the menagerie.

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